ANGELDARK release their first album: Angélique, a 70 minutes Gothic/Symphonic Metal masterpiece in which all kind of melodic and extreme elements mix together to put the band in the genre's worldwide avant-garde.

Produced by the band's vocalist and guitar player Santi Fano at Bunker Studios, the album was mastered by George Marino (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Coldplay) and UE Nastasi (Anthrax, Ill Niño, Dream Theater) at Sterling Sound, New York.

Featuring the full Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and Choir, (with more than 100 musicians!) as well as soprano Berenice Musa (Tears of Martyr). Check it out now!




ANGELDARK to release
full album online!

The band decides to release Angélique online for free!! Listen to the full album:

Listen to Angélique...

New album ready!

ANGELDARK have finished the production of their new album and mastering sessions were held at Sterling Sound, New York, with producers George Marino and UE Nastasi. We remind you that the album will also feature the full Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, what a luxury!

More info about the album:




- Angélique
ANGELDARK - Angélique
Gothic/Symphonic Metal

The Stormrider - Criseida
ANGELDARK - Angélique
Power/Gothic Metal

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